ARGUS is a fully licensed member of Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) and Athens Stock Exchange (ASE).

We offer full brokerage services with one minute transaction confirmation. ΧΡΗΜΑ 2000 Platform is the complete Broker Systems SA application of ARGUS.

We also provide the advanced software system Broker Online, a real-time, on-line trading, confirmation, live system.

On-Line Trading Services:

With 'Broker Online', clients of ARGUS can, at any time, ask for updated reports on their accounts, details on recent activities, available cash balances, limits, and portfolio valuations through the internet.

The most important feature of the 'Broker Online' is that it allows customers to place buy/sell orders that are automatically checked and verified either with the customers' available cash balances with ARGUS or in the case of a sale, that the client is the owner of the titles.

Clients are obliged to place specific price orders but have the option to choose whether these are 'good for the day', 'good until cancelled', 'pre-opening trade', or others.

Equity Research:

We offer advisory services to our customers by providing daily fundamental and technical services from professional analysts.

Detailed fundamental analysis for specific securities traded in the Cyprus Stock Exchange can be provided upon request.

Costs & Associated Charges:

Costs & Associated Charges
Argus Fees CSE - ASE
XNET Costs

Account Opening:

Please contact Michalis Zambartas at +357 (22) 717015