Over the last 5 years ARGUS is considered among the top investment firms in the provision of portfolio management in global markets in terms of performances and AUM’s. The firm has successfully increased the number and value of institutional mandates concerning management of global balanced mandates and investment advisory services, and now services a large portion of institutional clients in Cyprus exceeding over €1.2 billion in assets.


ARGUS provides investment advisory services since 2007, while the members of the management team have been providing such services for a period greater than 15 years. Historically, ARGUS has advised most of the large institutional clients based in Cyprus for matters related to cash management and allocation, implementation of investment strategy, advice for bonds, equities, mutual fund selection and structured products analysis.

Why Choose Us?



Founded in 2000, Argus Stockbrokers has been a trusted investment firm for more than 20 years.


Professionalism, Quality, Experience

Our team has a wide variety of experience in financial and investment backgrounds devoted to achieving your goals.


Steady Returns

Since 2000 Argus Stockbrokers has repeatedly achieved superior annual performances than the average benchmark of the Cyprus market.

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