ARGUS provides investment advisory services since 2007, while the members of the management team have been providing such services for a period greater than 15 years. ARGUS provides advisory services in all asset classes with emphasis in the provision of services for equities, bonds, alternative investments, and cash. Experience and expertise are particularly important, and ARGUS employs one of the best-staffed team of managers both in terms of number of persons as well as in terms of experience and expertise. The provision of investment advisory services is a day-to-day activity for our organization, with Argus’ client needs increasing especially given the current challenging for investors. Due to the specific needs of Argus’ clientele, the provision of investment advisory services is an important part in the provision by Argus of quality total solution services.

The investment advisory service is provided primarily to institutional clients such as Pension Funds, Provident Funds and Insurance Companies, as well as a large number of high-net-worth individuals. Based on company’s operations and staffing, investment advice is provided from the members of the asset management department. Asset managers, who are aware of each client profile (investment horizon, target return, level of risk, assets, etc.), take into consideration all such parameters in the provision of this type of advice. ARGUS has key strategic partnerships and the necessary infrastructure) to be able to offer advice, assessment, and valuation in all type of products in global and domestic markets. Historically, ARGUS has advised most of the large institutional clients based in Cyprus for matters related to cash management and allocation, implementation of investment strategy, advice for bonds, equities, mutual fund selection and structured products analysis.