Andri Tringidou – CEO

Andri is a holder of a BSc in Economics from the University of Cyprus, certified with The Advanced level Professionally Competent (CySEC) cert. Mrs. Tringidou is a Licensed Stockbroker (CSE & ASE & ADEX) for the Execution of transactions. Being accredited, from the Cyprus Institute of Technology, as a Business Consultant, she has also acquired the Consulting Practice Specialization in General and Financial Management. As the CEO, shareholder, Managing Director, and founder of ARGUS in 2000, along with her previous involvement with AAA United Stockbrokers (Member of the CSE), and Stocknomics Consultants Ltd (Member of BKR Damianou & Co) makes her portfolio broader.

Christos Akkelides – Head Asset Manager

Born in Nicosia in 1972, Mr. Akkelides is a licensed asset manager. Christos is holder of a First Class Honours Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics from The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus). Previous experience includes employment at KPMG, Arthur Andersen, CLR and Egnatia / Marfin Group where he has gained significant experience in the fields of asset management and corporate finance. A shareholder - manager in Argus Stockbrokers Ltd since 2007.

Savvas Theofilou – Sr. Portfolio Manager

Mr. Theofilou was born in Nicosia in 1979. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Economics and holder of a Master of Arts in Economics from the University at Albany, New York. Savvas has over 16 years of experience in the capital markets with primary focus on fundamental research, asset allocation, investment strategy implementation, and portfolio management. Savvas joined ARGUS in 2008 as an investment analyst. Prior to that, he began his investments career in 2005 as intern at Barclays Capital, while later in the same year and till 2008, he worked at Private Wealth Management for UBS Financial Services as Investment Analyst. Savvas currently holds a ’CySEC Advanced’ certificate.

Artemis Artemiou – Sr. Portfolio Manager

Born in Nicosia in 1974, Mr. Artemiou is a licensed asset manager. Artemis is a holder of a B.Sc in Mathematics from St. Francis College New York and in the process of finishing his thesis for an MBA from the Cyprus International Institute of Management. Previous experience includes employment at CLR Financial Services Ltd and PCM Advisers Ltd where he has gained significant experience in the fields of asset management and investment advisory. He joined Argus Stockbrokers Ltd in 2009.

Theofanis Constantinou– Research and Analysis

Mr. Constantinou was born in Nicosia in 1988 and he is a holder of Economics Science degree from University of Macedonia and holder of Master in Finance from CIIM. He is also a candidate for Level 2 in the CFA Program and a holder of ’CySEC Advanced’ certificate. Previously he was employed by GAP Vasilopoulos: Western Union. Theofanis joined Argus in 2016 and he is working as an Investment Analyst in the Asset Management department.

Marina Papamichael – Asset Management Assistant

Marina Papamichael is a holder of a Mathematics degree from Sheffield Hallam University and a master’s degree in Business & Finance from the University of Derby. Marina is the latest addition of the team as she joined ARGUS Stockbrokers Ltd in 2014 as an Assistant in the Asset Management department.

Costas Triggides – Research and Analysis

Mr. Triggides is a holder of an Economics degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and is certified from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission for the advanced exam. From January 2011 he works as an Asset Management Assistant at ARGUS Stockbrokers Ltd. From 2000-2010 he worked at the position of the Executive Manager at Zeuxis Innovations Ltd and as Advisor in the Consultancy department of Argus.

Stavroulla Pantazi – Asset Management Assistant

Stavroula Pantazi was born in Athens in 1986 and she is a holder of Banking and Financial Management degree from the University of Piraeus in Greece. Previously she was employed by EFG Eurobank Ergasias Mortgage Lending Unit as an Assistant Analyst in Credit Policy and Operational Risk Division. Stavroula joined Argus team in 2014 and she is working as an Assistant in the Asset Management department.

ARGUS offers customized tailor-made solutions to Institutional and Private Clients based on open architecture offering. Argus aims to protect and enhance clients wealth by designing and implementing tailor-made investment strategies that fully capture the unique characteristics and investment guidelines of its clients.

Argus Asset Management services include:

  • Institutional and Private Wealth Planning and Advisory Services
  • Institutional and High Net Worth Discretionary Management Services

Wealth Planning and Advisory Services are offered to individual and institutional investors who wish to obtain professional advice but still maintain the overall responsibility and authority over each and every decision that concerns their assets. We see our role as that of a partner who provides the distinct financial know-how and expertise that will enable our clients to achieve their long-term objectives. Advisory Services primarily focus on the provision of quantitative and qualitative assessment of financial markets, products and investment solutions as well as the formulation of a global asset allocation that best fit the objectives of the client. We view each of our clients as different, with different needs, expectations and investment objectives. We utilize our expertise and core competencies in bringing out specific advise and tailor made solutions that best fulfill each client’s needs and objectives. After developing a sound understanding of our client’s characteristics we provide detailed analysis and recommendation for :

  • structuring clients assets (whether they be financial investments, real estate, business assets, art, etc.)
  • Financial Planning (including Asset Audit, Integration of Future Events, Corrective Measures, Optimization of Risk Return Profile)
  • Asset Allocation Recommendation
  • Advise on Implementation and Monitoring
  • Investment Advise

Discretionary Asset Management services are offered to individual and institutional clients who seek to obtain a high quality service without the need of overseeing day-to-day operations. Despite having full discretion to oversee and manage clients’ assets, our customer-based approach ensures that we carry out our duty with care and always based on specific needs and objectives. Via a disciplined and qualitative approach to investing, we seek superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients on an absolute and benchmark-relative basis. We adopt two distinct styles of management, which apply to each portfolio based on the clients’ specific needs. Absolute Return strategies are used for clients who primarily wish to ensure capital protection and accept a lower return for their funds whilst Relative Return strategies effectively try to maximise returns compared to a given variable.

Our key strengths in delivering long term value to our clients are:

  • Active, risk conscious management for stock fixed income, mixed and alternative investments.
  • Independent Selection from a wide range of Investment Products and Solutions through use of multi manager platform and in-house Derivatives Trading Strategies covering all asset classes and major markets globally.
  • Access to high quality Internal and Global Investment Research
  • A sophisticated and dynamic investment process which is based not only on our analytical skills and breadth of investment solutions but also on commitment towards understanding client needs and investment objectives and implementing tailor made strategies suited to individual client's objectives
  • Adherence to strict risk management procedures to reduce risk
  • Our multi year experience

We are value investors. Our philosophy is that of value creation through enhancing long term returns without assuming undue investment risk by focusing strictly on expected long term fundamental value of asset classes. Even though we consider timing opportunities at all times, we aim to address investments on a long-term horizon therefore eliminating the ‘noise’ from short term fluctuations from our investment portfolios.

Our experienced team of professional managers and analysts coupled with our extensive use of primary / secondary high quality research enable us to identify investment opportunities and trends and formulate investment strategies that achieve set goals and objectives.

We always adopt a fundamental approach to investment advice. Our value-enhancing philosophy is based not only on the fundamental bottom-up down analysis of asset classes and specific investments, but also on the analysis of the top down macro levels and factors affecting the economy, the different global geographical regions and industries.

We view each and every single client as unique. We strive to understand his investment goals and objectives and ensure that we develop long lasting relationships based on trust, continuity and the highest level of confidentiality. In addressing our clients’ needs, we feel that it is important to provide tailor made solutions, which fully reflect individual unique investment goals and perspectives.


Argus offers a distinctive service to high net worth individuals. We focus on providing clients with optimal after-tax returns and can recommend suitable structures through which to hold their investments. In addition, our financial planners / portfolio managers can advise on a full range of innovative planning ideas, including wealth planning and pensions, working alongside with the client and his / hers advisors
We then develop investment strategies which are suited to individual clients’ risk profiles and investment objectives. Our philosophy is to act as our clients’ trusted adviser and we ensure that they have access to the world’s most talented managers and their products. Our investment process therefore combines our in-house expertise in our key areas of specialisation with a rigorous selection of the most suitable third-party managers in other areas. Experience shows that most clients combine the two to achieve a cost-effective coverage of all markets. Our aim is to have access to the best managers and products in every sector, including traditional and alternative asset classes such as hedge funds, structured products and private equity.

Argus manages a wide range of private clients including entrepreneurs, corporate directors, professionals and other wealthy individuals.

Within the Argus product lines Institutional clients will find a comprehensive offer, covering all major asset classes and strategies in the form of traditional and alternative investment products. Whether as high-quality components of a diversified portfolio, or portfolio structures developed especially for the sophisticated investor, we invite you to benefit from the expertise of our managers as well as from the capacity of our international alliances which provide access to leading-edge portfolio management infrastructure and products. Our range of services for institutional investors includes:

  • Management of institutional portfolios in traditional and non-traditional asset classes
  • In the form of mandates, institutional funds and publicly offered funds from third parties
  • Access to worldwide innovative and competitive products
  • Separate custodianship
  • Development of customised structured products

We also provide investment solutions geared to the specific needs of pension schemes in the form of institutional mandates, institutional investment funds, publicly offered funds with an institutional share class or private label funds tailored to your individual requirements.