ARGUS Global Trader

Corporate Finance

Valuation Fairness Opinions

Regardless of your strategic objectives, at some time you may require or seek objective guidance from experienced financial professionals not affiliated with your company. A respected Cyprus Investment banking Firm, such as ARGUS, can offer a variety of financial advisory services, including:

  • Valuation studies if your company is involved in a merger, acquisition or divestiture; or if your company is issuing securities in connection with a restructuring.
  • Professional opinions regarding whether a proposed transaction is fair from the viewpoint of the selling or acquiring entity's shareholders as well as other parties to the transaction.
  • Help in analyzing your company's needs for capital and determining whether you can best meet these needs through debt, equity or a combination of them like hybrid securities.
  • Help in selecting appropriate financing vehicles and identifying the most advantageous timing to complete a transaction.
  • Counseling on such matters as divestitures, anti-takeover provisions, dividend and stock-split policies or stock exchange listing procedures.
  • Assistance in establishing stock ownership or stock redemption plans.

ARUGS has experience in providing valuations, fairness opinions and a full range of financial advisory services. We are committed to providing these services with the highest level of confidentiality and keeping your company's success our primary focus.