ARGUS Global Trader

Asset Management

Our Product Offering

ARGUS offers customized tailor-made solutions to Institutional and Private Clients based on open architecture offering. Argus aims to protect and enhance clients wealth by designing and implementing tailor-made investment strategies that fully capture the unique characteristics and investment guidelines of its clients.

Argus Asset Management services include:

  • Institutional and Private Wealth Planning and Advisory Services
  • Institutional and High Net Worth Discretionary Management Services

Wealth Planning and Advisory Services are offered to individual and institutional investors who wish to obtain professional advice but still maintain the overall responsibility and authority over each and every decision that concerns their assets. We see our role as that of a partner who provides the distinct financial know-how and expertise that will enable our clients to achieve their long-term objectives. Advisory Services primarily focus on the provision of quantitative and qualitative assessment of financial markets, products and investment solutions as well as the formulation of a global asset allocation that best fit the objectives of the client. We view each of our clients as different, with different needs, expectations and investment objectives. We utilize our expertise and core competencies in bringing out specific advise and tailor made solutions that best fulfill each client’s needs and objectives. After developing a sound understanding of our client’s characteristics we provide detailed analysis and recommendation for :

  • structuring clients assets (whether they be financial investments, real estate, business assets, art, etc.)
  • Financial Planning (including Asset Audit, Integration of Future Events, Corrective Measures, Optimization of Risk Return Profile)
  • Asset Allocation Recommendation
  • Advise on Implementation and Monitoring
  • Investment Advise

Discretionary Asset Management services are offered to individual and institutional clients who seek to obtain a high quality service without the need of overseeing day-to-day operations. Despite having full discretion to oversee and manage clients’ assets, our customer-based approach ensures that we carry out our duty with care and always based on specific needs and objectives. Via a disciplined and qualitative approach to investing, we seek superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients on an absolute and benchmark-relative basis. We adopt two distinct styles of management, which apply to each portfolio based on the clients’ specific needs. Absolute Return strategies are used for clients who primarily wish to ensure capital protection and accept a lower return for their funds whilst Relative Return strategies effectively try to maximise returns compared to a given variable.

Our key strengths in delivering long term value to our clients are:

  • Active, risk conscious management for stock fixed income, mixed and alternative investments.
  • Independent Selection from a wide range of Investment Products and Solutions through use of multi manager platform and in-house Derivatives Trading Strategies covering all asset classes and major markets globally.
  • Access to high quality Internal and Global Investment Research
  • A sophisticated and dynamic investment process which is based not only on our analytical skills and breadth of investment solutions but also on commitment towards understanding client needs and investment objectives and implementing tailor made strategies suited to individual client's objectives
  • Adherence to strict risk management procedures to reduce risk
  • Our multi year experience