ARGUS Global Trader

Asset Management

Our Philosophy / Approach

We are value investors. Our philosophy is that of value creation through enhancing long term returns without assuming undue investment risk by focusing strictly on expected long term fundamental value of asset classes. Even though we consider timing opportunities at all times, we aim to address investments on a long-term horizon therefore eliminating the ‘noise’ from short term fluctuations from our investment portfolios.

Our experienced team of professional managers and analysts coupled with our extensive use of primary / secondary high quality research enable us to identify investment opportunities and trends and formulate investment strategies that achieve set goals and objectives.

We always adopt a fundamental approach to investment advice. Our value-enhancing philosophy is based not only on the fundamental bottom-up down analysis of asset classes and specific investments, but also on the analysis of the top down macro levels and factors affecting the economy, the different global geographical regions and industries.

We view each and every single client as unique. We strive to understand his investment goals and objectives and ensure that we develop long lasting relationships based on trust, continuity and the highest level of confidentiality. In addressing our clients’ needs, we feel that it is important to provide tailor made solutions, which fully reflect individual unique investment goals and perspectives.